Why You Shouldn’t Hate the Dentist

Don't Hate The Dentist

Don’t hate the dentist!

The feeling of dread some people get when they think about going to their next dental appointment is completely unfounded. If you have a fear of the dentist, it’s possible to overcome it and enjoy your dental visits.

Sedation Eases Anxiety

If the idea of dental tools in your mouth makes you feel anxious, you’re not alone. But when you go to an experienced dentist who focuses on patient comfort, you’ll have treatment options to help you manage.

Talk to your dentist about how you feel, and ask if he or she offers sedation dentistry. In most forms of sedation dentistry, you remain fully conscious, but your dentist uses a measured dose of a sedative to help you stay calm and relaxed throughout the procedure.

It’s Not Really Uncomfortable

Dentists get a bad rap. But it’s undeserved! Caring dentists take pain management seriously. They pay attention to your verbal and non-verbal cues and offer you appropriate pain relief options. It’s possible to stay comfortable and relaxed throughout every dental procedure.

Needles Might Not Be Necessary

Don’t hate the dentist because you hate needles — you probably won’t even need an injection. Modern dentists offer their patients alternative numbing solutions, helping you to relax and take your mind off of your needle phobia.

You’re Not Going to Get in Trouble

You know you could probably floss more often than you do. While you could use a reminder, you don’t want a reprimand.

It’s important to find a dentist who treats you like a responsible adult. When you go to a dental office where the goal of every staff member is to build a relationship with you, you won’t feel like you’re being scolded. You’ll feel like you’re chatting with a friend about how to take basic daily steps to improve your dental health.

You Can Overcome the Past

It’s possible that you had a negative experience when you were a child or at a previous office. Even if you can’t remember why, negative feelings are enough to subconsciously make you feel like you hate the dentist.

Don’t judge all dentists on the actions of one. Try visiting Oak Hills Dentistry, and see how well you’re treated. With patient comfort as the top priority, you’ll no longer hate the dentist!