It is fairly common for little children to struggle with Dentophobia. In this article we are discussing what it is, and how to best handle it when you see the signs. Here are our tips and tricks to beating the Dentophobia monster one step at a time.

What is Dentophobia?

When you break down the word “Dentophobia” into its two parts, you have Dento and Phobia. Dento, relating to dentist, and Phobia, which translates to fear. Put those together and you have fear of the dentist.

Factors of Dentophobia

You might see signs of this condition in your child and there are many factors that can cause fear of the dentist. Generally, a parent’s reaction can create some anxiety toward the dentist. If the mom or dad has expressed fear of the dentist, this can translate easily to their child. Some other things that can contribute to this condition are: culture, lack of preparation for a childs first dental visit, possible threats, seeing dental tools or instruments, fear of possible pain, having a previous difficult dental experience, recurring negative thoughts, unfavorable dental environment, and/or avoidance.

Why It is Important to Cure Dentophobia Early

Even though fear of the dentist is fairly common in children, it can still cause current and future harm if not cared for properly. Children who suffer from this fear grow up to be teens and adults who have Dentophobia. As these children grow into adults and become more independent, they are more likely to stop going to the dentist altogether and avoid the uncomfortable feelings. This can cause many problems beginning with poor oral health. Their teeth and gums might see a decline because they choose to not get requisite cleanings. In addition they may go on to have a family of their own, their fear of the dentist is easily seen and learned by their children and so on and so forth.

What You Can Do

If you are a parent, seeing the signs that your child has anxiety over the dentist can be discouraging. You probably feel a lot of emotions for them, and overall, just want to make it a better experience so that they don’t have to be afraid anymore. You can start to improve fear of the dentist by making sure your child is prepared. Take time to prepare them and have pre-dental visits before their actual first dental visit. This appointment can involve taking a tour of the office, meeting the dentists, and talking about teeth and brushing. Along with this, if you start your child’s dental visits at an early age, they have an easier time adjusting to the process as part of their everyday life.

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