Do you feel uncomfortable with your current smile? There is no need to live with imperfect teeth. What is cosmetic dentistry and how can it help you?

As the name implies, cosmetic dental work is anything that improves the appearance of teeth and gums. Generally, cosmetic work is not performed out of necessity for continued dental health. This does not mean it does nothing for a patient’s wellness, however. As proven by recent studies, a brighter and more perfect smile is great for self-esteem, personal comfort, and even overall quality of life.

Examples of Cosmetic Dental Improvements

Modern advancements in dental technology have made it possible to improve the look and feel of almost all types of mouths and teeth. Even though cosmetic dentistry is largely optional and superficial, dentists do not recommend getting cosmetic work done without first focusing on problems like cavities, fillings, and more serious procedures. In addition, other health issues such as diabetes and heart disease can limit the types of work that can be done.

Once our dentists determine that you are ready for cosmetic dental work, take advantage of our experience; we can make your smile stand out in a crowd! Below are a few of the most common cosmetic procedures you can select to improve your smile’s appearance.


Even though some teeth can be completely clean and healthy, they may still be crooked, cracked, or misaligned from the others. Veneers are often the preferred method for correcting any visual imperfections. Veneers are tough ceramic caps that your dentist applies to the front of the tooth. When molded and fit to perfection, the veneer will feel as comfortable as a natural tooth, ready to stand up to the pressures applied to the rest of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Noticeable stains on your teeth can cause anyone some shame, even if regular brushing and flossing have been part of your daily regimen for years. Such stains can be caused by the regular consumption of coffee, certain foods, tobacco use, and even medications.

With the careful application of a bleaching agent, we can make your teeth sparkle again within a few visits to the office. We urge caution when using over-the-counter teeth whitening kits, as the results may be less than optimal. The best results come from a trained dental professional.

Does Insurance Cover Cosmetic Dentistry?

One very important question we often get involves the use of insurance to pay for cosmetics. As most cosmetics are optional, many insurance companies will refuse to cover the cost of the work done. There are some cosmetic services that come naturally with certain treatments, such as crowns for damaged teeth and bridges for broken teeth or between noticeable gaps. It can be difficult to interpret what your dental plan does and doesn’t cover. Always ask your insurance provider about specific procedures before you give up!

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