Do you feel like you’ve been doing everything right but your teeth aren’t in tip-top shape? Let’s talk about the worst foods for your teeth.

Are you noticing discoloration and staining, maybe some gum inflammation, even some sensitivity? Are you getting frustrated with your teeth because you care for them, but you still end up with cavities? That may be due to something outside of your regular brushing and flossing routine: your diet. In fact, you could be eating a healthy diet for your body, but your teeth can still be suffering. Keep reading to learn about the foods and drinks you should be avoiding or cutting back on for the sake of your smile.

Foods to Avoid

Citrus Fruits – Sure, citrus is a great source of vitamins, but they aren’t great for your teeth due to the high acidity in these fruits. Lemons and grapefruits, in particular, are the most acidic, whereas oranges are the least acidic. You can enjoy these fruits in moderation (although you might not want to eat lemons and limes by themselves); just be sure to brush and floss your teeth shortly after to balance out that acidity.

Chewy Candy – It’s not surprising that any type of candy is on this list of the worst foods for your teeth. For the most part, everyone understands that sugars can break down your enamel if too much is consumed too often. However, chewy and gummy candies are one of the worst culprits of common tooth decay. Chewy candies like soft caramels, taffy, and gummies all have a tendency to get caught between teeth and often go unnoticed due to their soft consistency, leaving sugar and harmful bacteria to break down your enamel.

Hard Candies – Again, the sugar in candy is harmful to your teeth, but another type of candy to be wary of is hard candy, not only because of the sugar, but attempting to bite through it could chip or crack your teeth. If you’re going to indulge in hard candy every now and then, resist the temptation to bite down on it and instead savor it for all that yummy flavor!

Refined Carbs – Refined carbs, typically found in crackers and white bread, break down into sugars that will attract bad bacteria into your mouth, ultimately causing tooth decay. It’s important to note that carbs are a necessary part of our diets, so we urge you not to cut them out completely. Instead, opt for “whole” carbs which can be found in whole-wheat bread, quinoa, and other whole grains.

Drinks to Avoid 

Soda and Sports Drinks – Both of these drinks have a high sugar content that will coat your teeth and break down your enamel. While it might be okay to indulge in one of these drinks every so often, just don’t get too carried away, and when you’re done drinking it, it’s in your best interest to brush your teeth.

Coffee and Black Tea – Since most of this list has been about sugary foods and drinks to avoid for your teeth, you might think we’re only talking about coffee and tea that has added sugar. However, while coffee and tea don’t cause damage, they can cause staining and discoloration if consumed regularly. Dentists recommend that if you choose to drink such beverages, follow them with brushing your teeth, or at the very least, a quick rinse with water.

Wine and Other Alcoholic Drinks – Red wine tends to stain your teeth, but other types of alcohol will dry out your mouth. A dry mouth that lacks saliva makes it difficult to wash away food particles, leaving your door open for tooth decay and gum disease. When drinking alcoholic beverages, be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your mouth healthy.

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