Teeth Whitening

Having white, healthy teeth has becometeeth whitening increasingly important to Americans. White teeth are a sign of health, good looks and a higher social status. Numerous studies have shown that people with white teeth are considered more attractive, more successful and more deserving of positive awards that range from promotions to accolades. Plus, white teeth are associated with youth, since teeth naturally become stained and get darker as you age. Thanks to Hollywood, white teeth have become a pinnacle of beauty — although many smiles in Hollywood are so white they can only be achieved with cosmetic dentistry, such as veneer applications.

Veneers can be a fantastic option to achieve a perfect, yet natural-looking smile, but they permanently alter your real teeth. Teeth whitening is a much faster, more affordable and less intrusive option. In-office whitening helps patients achieve the whitest white possible. However, keep in mind that everyone has a different whitest white. Your teeth can only be whitened to a certain degree, and that’s determined by genetics.

A Quick Fix

Options for teeth whitening including lasers, bleaching trays and bleach strips. Lasers are often the most effective, quickest and most comfortable option. Your dentist can whiten your teeth as much as possible in as little as 20 minutes. This lunchtime procedure leads to immediate results. However, you may need a couple of weeks to prepare, depending on the sensitivity of your mouth and gums.

Some patients report feeling absolutely nothing during and after a whitening treatment (whether they go with laser or bleach), while others are highly sensitive and report increased tooth sensitivity. A special potassium nitrate toothpaste may be prescribed to be used twice daily for two weeks before a whitening procedure. During the procedure, your dentist may also use potassium nitrate, which is completely safe, and acts as a numbing agent to make teeth and gums less sensitive.

Your aftercare is also very important. Avoiding foods, drinks and habits that stain teeth can prevent darkening and extend the results of a whitening treatment. Work with your local Layton Oak Hills Dentistry team to design the ultimate whitening plan for you.