Root Canals

Today’s root canals don’t deserve the reputation they sometimes get. In fact, root canals are usually fast, convenient and 100 percent pain-free. The vast majority of the time, only local anesthesia is necessary for a painless treatment. This procedure is often done when decay and bacteria have nestled into the roots of teeth, causing problems (and pain) below the surface. The reality: Root canals relieve pain — they don’t cause it. However, it’s still a more intensive process than a simple cleaning, and a reputable dentist is the best professional to provide this procedure.

In a straightforward root canal, the tooth is prepped, local anesthesia is administered and the dentist accesses the root canal either via a drill or a laser. Laser dentistry provides the best means of getting into and cleaning root canals. Some teeth have just a couple of roots, while others can have many tiny canals. The more canals there are, and the smaller they are, the tougher it can be to clean them completely. If root canals aren’t perfectly cleaned during the procedure, that can lead to a root canal failure. In fact, up to 15 percent of root canals fail — and most of these are performed by inexperienced dentists or those without the latest technology.

Putting Down Roots

A lot of misconceptions surround root canals, many based on outdated information. Today’s procedures aren’t your grandmother’s (or even your parents’) root canals. Years ago, it sometimes took multiple visits and some discomfort to achieve a thorough root canal. Thanks to advancements in technology and knowledge, and the growing number of qualified dentists practicing, root canals have become streamlined. You may need to nurse your tooth for a couple of days post-procedure, but kind of like with a tooth extraction, this is really just an excuse to indulge in soft comfort foods.

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