Dr. Flint and Dr. Zeh are now Invisalign providers!

Say hello to Invisalign – the braces free way to straighten and align your teeth.  Dr. Flint and Dr. Zeh have invested hundreds of hours into orthodontic training to bring our patients the opportunity to straighten teeth right here in the office without brackets and wires.  Invisalign works by wearing custom made retainers that shift your teeth small amounts each week.  By applying small forces to your teeth the discomfort level is significantly reduced.  These aligners are barely visible when speaking and can be removed during eating so your teeth can be easily cleaned.  75% of people could benefit from minor or major tooth corrections.  These movements can help fix some periodontal concerns, reshape gums and bone, and prevent teeth from breaking.  

Invisalign treatments have 3 steps

1.  A three dimensional video scan (no radiation or x-rays) is taken of your mouth and you meet with Dr. Zeh and Dr. Flint

2.  Wear a series of clear aligners for a period of 6-18 months depending on your mouth.    T

3.  Wear a final retainer clear aligner to maintain your smile.  

Call today for your evaluation and see how much your smile and teeth can benefit from orthodontic correction!