As a parent, it might be difficult to teach your child the importance of dental hygiene. But don’t give up just yet!

In this article, we give our top five tips that will help you teach your little ones about how to properly brush and floss their teeth and keep up with their at-home dental routine.

Tip #1: Establish a Routine Together 

One great way to get your child in the habit of brushing their teeth is to do it with them. When it’s time to brush their teeth, it’s also time for you to brush your teeth. Since kids often mimic what their parents do, you and your child must establish a routine together. This is also a great time to show off your sweet brushing and flossing technique and help your child figure out the best way to clean their teeth.

Tip #2: Timing Their Brushing Time 

According to the American Dental Association, you should be brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day. Therefore, from a young age, you should enforce brushing for at least two minutes. A great way to do this is to have your child start the timer and also be the one to silence it when it goes off; that way, your little one feels involved in the routine. Another way is to find a kid-friendly song that’s about two minutes long that you can listen to together—a sure-fire way to make brushing time a lot more fun!

Tip #3: Make Every Aspect Fun 

What kid doesn’t love bright colors and fun-flavored toothpaste? If you make an effort to make every aspect of their brushing and flossing routine fun, your kid might actually start looking forward to having to brush their teeth. The two of you can go to the store together to pick out a toothbrush in their favorite color and a toothpaste flavor that they might like; that way, you know they’ll be excited to use your new toothbrush.

Tip #4: Create a Rewards System 

Maybe your kid is more motivated by a rewards system. Creating a system where they can work toward a prize by remembering to brush and floss their teeth properly for a set amount of time is likely going to help your child get into the habit of keeping up on their own dental hygiene.

Tip #5: Positive Association

If dentist visits have been a struggle for you and your child, you might want to try positive association tactics. For example, if your child needs to go to the dentist, try doing something fun that day. Maybe go out for ice cream after the appointment or go to the zoo. Keep up with this strategy, and soon enough, they’ll look forward to the days they have to go to the dentist because they know something fun is about to happen.

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