Teeth whitening is a great option to make your teeth that beautiful white you want, boost your confidence, and have you smiling often.

Teeth are often the reason to show or hide smile. We’ve often seen people in our office who describe their constant dislike of teeth causing them to put hands over their mouth while laughing or speaking. Ensuring you have a bright, beautiful smile is our passion.

Why Teeth Change with Life

The foods we eat often affect the color of our teeth. Throughout your lifetime, you will consume a vast variety of foods. Some of these can stain your teeth more than others. Examples are wine, coffee, soda or energy drinks, balsamic sauces, rich tomato sauces, and candy. Aside from the food and drink we consume, our habits also dictate our level of teeth stains. Smoking, chewing tobacco, and participating in other activities related to these can also increase the stains on your teeth. On the flip side, eating a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits every day helps to naturally clean your teeth. In addition teeth can also have intrinsic stains (stains present throughout the tooth, not just on the outside). These teeth are discolored from trauma, formed incorrectly, or come as a result of medications.  

Teeth Whitening Options

There are several different methods to obtaining the bright white smile you desire. Some are simple, at home procedures and others are under a dentists direction.

-In office Dental Treatments

We offer two highly effective options: Kor Max and Opalescence. These systems work extremely well and under our direction can yield bright, white smiles quickly and safely.

– At Home Drug Store Whitening Kits

Whitening strips are a common option sold at your local drug store or grocery store. These work similar to in office systems but are relatively weak in their ability to whiten.  

– Avoiding Food & Drink That Are LIkely To Stain Teeth

Avoiding certain foods can help to keep your teeth stain free.

How It Can Make You Confident

When you know you have a beautiful smile, you subconsciously want to share it. You don’t spend time thinking about hiding your teeth, or not showing them to your peers. You act differently and ultimately exude confidence.

It Can Help You Have a Youthful Appearance

Some of the physical attributes our society relates to youth are vibrancy and youth are white teeth and a straight smile. Generally when you meet someone new, your brain makes formulations about them upon introductions. If someone has a healthy smile and white teeth, they are perceived as more youthful, vibrant, and professional.

Access to More Opportunities

Whether it’s a job interview, presentation, or a business meeting, being confident in your smile will give you a foot up over any competition. When you feel good about yourself, your mannerisms and how you conduct yourself change. Your world is opened to new doors and opportunities when you feel confident and share your smile.

Visit Oak Hills Dentistry for Your Teeth Whitening Needs

Here at Oak Hills Dentistry, we take pride in your smile. We have a variety of teeth whitening options for you to choose from. Sit down one on one with one of our doctors and get individualized solutions to your whitening needs. Visit our office in Layton, Utah or give us a call at (801)-544-2256. Contact us today!