Kids Dental Care

Your child can receive early dental care and treatment the day her or his first tooth emerges — or even earlier! Many children enjoy the milestone of their first pediatric dental appointment before their first birthday.

During the teething stage, babies have sore gums that can be soothed with gentle rubbing, cool cloths or teething rings. Many teething tools are on the market, but not all of them are pediatric-dentist recommended. It’s best to work with your local Layton dentist to design an approach that works for your family.

It may not seem like children would battle decay at such a young age, but it is possible. The most frequent perpetrator at this age is bottle decay. If you notice dull areas on the teeth, that’s a red flag. Bottle decay is particularly an issue if there’s anything besides water (including breast milk or formula) remaining in a baby’s mouth after feeding/drinking. Sugar, no matter its source, can host excessive bacteria, which leads to plaque and acid attacks in the mouth. It only takes 20 minutes of sugar sitting in the mouth post-consumption to create extra acid.

Babying the Teeth

Baby teeth might be temporary, but they’re critical to a child’s oral health development. Children need these milk teeth to learn how to properly speak and chew. They help with jaw development and proper emergence of permanent teeth. If your child loses a baby tooth, he or she may need a space maintainer to ensure correct development takes place. Otherwise, the permanent teeth may emerge crooked.

Everyone, including parents, can benefit from refresher courses on oral hygiene. It’s never too early to train your child (and yourself) on proper pediatric dental care. The first visit should be short, fun and informative. Oak Hills Dentistry guarantees an enjoyable, educational first appointment — and ongoing appointments — for families in Layton, Utah.