Dental Sealants: Does Your Child Need Them?

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants can help limit decay-related oral health issues. They can help protect your child’s adult teeth for decades, eliminating the discomfort associated with cavities and restorations. And they also can reduce the strain on your wallet!

Could your child benefit from dental sealants?

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are made of plastic and fill in the grooves and fissures in the teeth at the back of the mouth. They cover the chewing surfaces so that bacteria and plaque won’t build up. They are specifically effective for teeth that are hard for children to reach with their toothbrush, such as the molars.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate?

Dental sealants are most fitting for when a child’s adult molars come in. The American Dental Association recommends it for all children, but in particular kids who suffer from genetic predispositions that make dental decay a serious threat.

They are also suitable for children who don’t have access to regular dental care, or have difficulty sticking to a regular oral hygiene schedule.

What’s the Process?

Getting sealants is quick, easy and painless. Unlike fillings, no drilling is required. First, the dentist cleans the teeth. Next, a gel is painted where the sealant will go. The tooth is washed again, then the sealant is applied. The dentist may shine a special light on the area to speed the drying process. Within a few minutes, the tooth is protected.

How Long Do They Last?

They will provide cavity protection for five to 10 years. At each dental appointment, the child’s sealants will be checked to make sure there are no cracks and they aren’t worn down. Bacteria can get underneath worn sealants and cause decay, so regular checkups help ensure they’re still functioning like they should.

Are They Expensive?

The cost is significantly less than the cost of filling cavities. It’s also less than paying for root canals when the cavity penetrates the inner pulp of a tooth. Preventive care saves money, and it also saves your child from getting lots of cavities.

Talk to Your Dentist Today

Dental sealants make sense: They’re painless, invisible and they will save you money over the long term. If your child is struggling to keep away cavities due to genetic reasons, or you’d simply like to take the proactive approach, talk to your dentist today.

Oak Hills Dentistry is dedicated to providing superior dental care to each and every patient — you deserve it. Make an appointment for your child and ask about dental sealants as a way to prevent cavities.