Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent replacement for missing teeth, and they look, feel and act just like your real teeth. Even though dental care has seen vast improvements, tooth loss is still a problem for many Americans — and an embarrassing one. Teeth can be lost due to decay, trauma or gum disease. For years, the only replacement options were dentures and bridges, but each came with challenges. They weren’t permanent and could move and rub painfully against gums. Dentures must be removed for sleeping and regular cleanings, so dental implants are the only permanent solution.

Implants technically replace the root, not the tooth. This gives patients a solid foundation for replacement teeth that can be either permanent or removable. The complementary replacement teeth are designed to match your natural teeth’s whitest white and are virtually indistinguishable from a patient’s natural teeth. One of the biggest pros of getting dental implants is a better appearance, but they also are more comfortable than other options, boost oral health and better facilitate speaking and eating.

A No-Fuss Solution

Compared to alternatives, dental implants are more convenient and more durable, too. This option also features a high success rate, although it varies from person to person. Your local Layton, Utah, dentist will work with you to discuss your unique situation and help you decide if dental implants are a good choice. However, implants in general have a success rate of 98 percent and can last a lifetime with quality care. As a patient, you simply need to care for your dental implants like you do your natural teeth — including getting regular dental checkups.

Dental implants include a tiny titanium post which is implanted into the missing tooth’s bone socket. The jawbone heals around the post, leading to a strong anchor. This can take up to 12 weeks. Next, an abutment (linked post) is added to hold the replacement tooth in place. This replacement tooth, or crown, is designed to perfectly fit in with your existing teeth. You can alternatively opt for a removable denture. Consult your Oak Hills Dentistry dental implant team in Layton, Utah, today to find a permanent solution for your missing teeth.