Diabetes and Oral Health: Should You See the Dentist More Often?

Oral health and diabetes

You’ve heard that your diabetes and oral health are connected, but is it really necessary to up your visits to the dentist to more than once every s

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Dental Insurance

dental insurance

Choosing dental insurance isn’t always easy. You may not be sure which type includes the benefits that you’re looking for at the price you’re wi

The Stages of Gum Disease

gum disease

The stages of gum disease are diagnosed by identifying a range of symptoms, from mild to severe. If you’re in the early stages, treatment wil

Don’t Let Holiday Eating Ruin Oral Health — Follow These Tips


The holidays aren’t the most wonderful time of the year for your oral health. Consuming lots of sticky sweets and sugary desserts can wreak havoc

What Should You Do if Your Filling Falls Out?

filling falls out

When a filling falls out, your first reaction may be to panic. But don’t worry — this is rarely a dental emergency. Fillings don’t last forever,