Are You at the Right Dentist for You?

The Right Dentist

The right dentist for you will make you feel that your oral health is in skilled hands. More than that, you will feel warm and welcome every time you visit your dentist’s office.

If you’re not sure about the quality of the dental care you receive, ask yourself the questions below.

Does Your Dentist Listen Closely to Your Concerns?

Most people will agree: The right dentist for you cares about how you feel. The dentist will begin and end your visit by asking questions and actively listening to your responses.

First, he or she will ask you if you have any concerns about your oral health. At the conclusion of your appointment, he or she will ask if you understand the care you’ve received and how to improve your daily oral health routine. The right dentist for you knows communication is key, and makes it a priority at each and every visit.

Do They Offer Follow-Up Care?

If you have an issue at your appointment such as a deep cavity, does your dentist treat you and send you on your way, or does he or she follow up to make sure your pain is gone?

You will know you are at the right dentist for you when they show they truly care about your well-being. When your dentist stays in touch after treatment and ensures you are pain-free and healed, you will know you’re entrusting your health to a compassionate professional.

Do They Offer a Quality Office Experience?

A large part of choosing the right dentist for you is evaluating the office experience. Was the waiting area clean? Did the staff promptly call you in for your appointment? Were all dental team members happy and friendly?

Each of these factors plays a role in helping you feel comfortable and at home.

Do They Focus on Necessary Treatment?

You don’t have to keep going to a dentist who constantly tries to sell you treatments you don’t think are required for good oral health. If they are forcefully pushing products and procedures on you, you may begin to doubt their objectivity and their true motivation. Only trust your health with an office that offers you a variety of treatments, provides a professional recommendation, then allows you to make the decision.

Do They See a Future with You?

It might sound like a personal question, but it’s important for doctor-patient relationships: Do they see a future with you? Can you trust that your dentist is focused on long-term preventive care? If they only want clients for high-cost procedures, move on. That’s a sign they aren’t focused on quality care.

If you want to form a relationship with a dental team that prioritizes your health and comfort and you haven’t yet found the right dentist for you, make an appointment with Oak Hills Dentistry today and see the difference.