9 Surprising Dental Facts

If you think dental facts are boring, you’re mistaken.

Dental Facts

You probably didn’t know the nine dental facts listed below, and once you read them, you’ll have some fascinating conversation starters for those holiday parties you’ll go to where you don’t know anyone.

  1. You Spend Over a Month of Your Life Brushing Your Teeth

Over the course of your lifetime, you will spend the equivalent of about 38.5 days brushing your teeth. That’s over a month of your life spent wholly on dental care!

2. Your Tongue Is Unique

Your tongue’s print is just like your fingerprint — it’s 100 percent unique. Your teeth are unique to you as well. Don’t forget to keep your tongue clean. Brush it along with your teeth to remove bacteria and improve the smell of your breath.

3. You’re Either a Righty or a Lefty Chewer

Maybe you’ve noticed that you prefer chewing food on either the left or right side of your mouth. It is believed that people are born with a predisposition to chew food primarily on either the right or left side of their mouths, and it doesn’t necessarily correlate to whether you’re right- or left-handed.

4. Tooth Enamel Is Strong

Your tooth enamel is extremely hard. In fact, it’s the strongest substance in the human body. So when your dentist tells you that soda and sugar is eating away at your enamel, take it seriously.

5. Snails Have More Teeth Than You

Tiny snails, with heads no larger than a pin, have more teeth than you can imagine. The average snail has over 14,000, but some snails can have over 25,000 teeth.

6. Plaque Is Extremely Gross

Plaque is not something you want collecting on your teeth. Why? Plaque contains over 300 different types of bacteria.

7. An Inmate Used Dental Floss to Escape from Prison

Dental floss has been put to good use by an inmate with the nickname “Spiderman.” Robert Shepard escaped from South Central Regional Jail in Charleston, West Virginia, after he braided 48 strands of waxed, mint-flavored dental floss into a rope as thick as a telephone wire and used it to climb over the fence in a recreation yard.

8. Dental Care Goes Way Back

Some of the first toothbrushes were created in China in the 1400s. Fillings were used even earlier — some Egyptian mummies have fillings.

9. You’re a Spit Machine

If you’re average, you produce about one quart of saliva every day. Over your lifetime, that adds up to 10,000 gallons. Saliva helps rinse away bacteria and food particles, so keep it up.

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