5 Tooth Replacement Options

Tooth Replacement Options

More tooth replacement options than ever are available today — and many look just like your natural teeth. Having missing, misshapen or badly stained teeth isn’t just embarrassing — it can impact your entire life. Study after study has shown that having a full set of white, straight teeth bolsters your career, your romantic life and of course your self-esteem. People with great teeth are seen as more attractive, more successful and even more trustworthy. A tooth may get damaged or knocked out for many reasons, but a plethora of tooth-replacement options is available as well.

Only your dentist can suggest the best tooth-replacement option for you, but it’s in your best interest to do a little pre-consultation research. Advances in technology have made replacing teeth quick and pain-free, and the results are phenomenal. Here are some of the most common tooth replacement options, whether you need to completely replace a missing tooth or build up the remnants of an existing tooth:

1. Dentures:

This is a classic choice, and is still a great one for some patients. Dentures attach to your gums with adhesives, which are fortunately much stronger than they used to be. Remember to remove the dentures each night so they can soak and get clean.

2. Dental implants:

Implants have outpaced dentures in popularity, and with good reason. The actual implant is a tiny metal post surgically placed into your gum that reaches the jawbone. In about 12 weeks, gum tissue heals around the post, helping to secure it further. You can then choose from permanent replacement teeth in a variety of materials, or removable replacement teeth. The removable option is similar to dentures, but much more secure, since it attaches to a post and not via adhesive.

3. Bridges:

Dental bridges are exactly what they sound like — they provide a bridge of teeth when patients are missing more than one tooth consecutively. They are supported by existing teeth on either side, and since the bridge is attached, you get more support than with individual, removable replacement teeth.

4. Veneers:

You need some healthy, existing teeth in order to get veneers. Often considered cosmetic dentistry, veneers are somewhat like caps. The existing tooth needs to be re-shaped in order to provide the ideal foundation for the veneer. The process is done in two appointments. During the first, the tooth is shaped, and molds of the mouth are taken (temporary bonds are put on during this appointment). During the second appointment, the veneers are permanently placed with a special type of dental concrete. Veneers give you a natural, yet perfect smile.

5. Fillings:

Usually, it’s best to preserve as much of your natural teeth as possible. Fillings come in a variety of materials, including tooth-colored options. They can fill in cracks and chips often in one fast, easy appointment.

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