3 Signs You Have the Right Dental Insurance Policy

Dental Insurance

Is your dental insurance policy meeting your needs? Dental insurance provides many financial benefits, but if it’s not covering the care required for your oral health, is it worth the money? Here are three signs you are paying for an effective, useful dental insurance policy.

Your Plan Fits Your Personal and Family Needs

Your dental plan requirements depend on your age, the size of your family and your needs. For example, people in their 20s will most likely only have to worry about attending their regular checkups in order to prevent major problems, but an aging senior may struggle with challenges like dry mouth or gum disease. A middle-aged parent will not only require coverage for themselves, but for any children they may have as well.

Does your current policy provide enough coverage for your oral health needs and those of all your family members? If not, it may be time to select a different option.

You Understand What Your Plan Covers

There’s nothing worse than making payments on an insurance plan only to find out the policy will not pay for the services you need, as you may have been led to believe. Some dental plans may completely reimburse you for preventive care, but may place a large burden of the cost of surgical or emergency procedures on you.

If this has been fully disclosed and you have agreed to the plan anyway, that’s acceptable. But don’t neglect to read the fine print and assume you have coverage. You can avoid a significant financial burden by knowing in advance what costs you are responsible for paying.

Your Plan Is Accepted by Your Trusted Family Dentist

It’s no use paying for a dental insurance policy that is only accepted by dentists who operate far from your home. When you look for a dentist, choose one that’s easy to get to from home or work, and don’t just go with any dentist on the insurance company’s list — you may find yourself settling for care that falls short of your expectations.

Locate a trusted dentist in a convenient location who provides all the aspects of oral care you need. Make sure you and your family members are comfortable visiting the office and feel you can trust his or her professional expertise and opinion. Then check to see if your dental insurance policy is accepted. In most cases, reliable, upstanding dentists will accept high-quality policies that are focused on patient wellness above all else.

Always Make Dental Care a Priority

Even if you decide to pay for dental care as you go, don’t let costs deter you from getting regular checkups twice per year. You are making an investment in your long-term dental and whole-body health.

Contact Oak Hills Dentistry to set up your first initial appointment and discuss whether your dental insurance policy is working for you — our helpful team has plenty of experience assisting individuals and families in coordinating cost-effective, affordable dental care.